Proper mattress care:

✓ Use special mattress covers to protect your mattress. Special protective covers cover your mattress properly, protect it from stains and keep it looking like new.

✓ Change mattress sides at regular intervals to keep your mattress in its original condition. Rotating it every 3 months will ensure the smooth operation of the springs and their excellent return

✓ Air your mattress often. By leaving it uncovered for a few hours in a cool place, its ventilation is achieved and unpleasant odors are avoided.

✓ For longer life, our mattresses must be placed on anatomical bed frames or wooden boards with a gap distance between the wooden surfaces equal to or less than 6 cm for the Orthopedic Mattresses and 3cm for the Anatomic Mattresses

*Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is recommended.

Our guarantee covers material failure in all parts of our mattresses, springs, foam materials, wadding.

The warranty does NOT cover:

  • Improper use of the product, which contradicts to the instructions for proper use.
  • Any product defect caused by the customer or for which the customer is responsible.
  • The stained or torn surface of the mattress.
  • The deformation along or across the mattress, due to possible folding of it or due to poor transport or incorrect placement on the bed.
  • The deformation of the mattress that can be caused by placing it on unsuitable boards or boards with gaps between them greater than 6cm.
  • Any defect resulting from mishandling the mattress (e.g. ironing on the mattress)
  • The wrong choice in matters of comfort or dimensions.


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