Aloe vera pillow

Very soft, washable and hypoallergenic Pillow. It is an innovative product that is particularly popular thanks to two main features, the aloe component and the silicone polyester microfibers. It is a flexible and soft pillow that maintains its shape because it allows air to permeate the material. On the other hand, its aloe-infused cover creates a natural sense of zen and relaxation.

Luxury special pillow

For lovers of softness, thanks to its large, bulky, soft polyester fibers and its ergonomic construction, it allows full recovery without negating proper support. A product that allows the material to ventilate within the pillow preventing moisture, and creates an excellent balance in body temperature during sleep. The polyester fibers are sterilized and treated against mites before use, making it hypoallergenic and ideal for allergy sufferers.

Cushion dimensions: 45 X 65 AND 50 X 70 cm

Orthopedic pillow with ergonomic seam

Pillow with ergonomic support, differentiated according to which position it supports. The neck is properly supported by the stiffest area, while the face and neck are properly supported by the softer areas such as the middle and sides of the pillow. The cover is cotton special for people with sensitivity to neck problems. The special seam in the waist ensures a correct position during sleep