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The history, work and offer of the Kouppa Brothers factory dates back to above since a century with our grandfather
Vasilios Kouppa as the founder, who was born in Kefallonia and was closely related to Achilleas Koupas.
Vasilios Kouppas was a pioneer in the manufacture of metal beds
Post - war and this period makes him an integral part of it.

His activity took place in the area of Kaminia specifically for a number of years,
but due to some health problems he was forced to stop his business activity.

At the age of 14, his second son George takes over, who with
hard work, dedication, passion for creation and love for the art he had
been taught from his father, he starts working in the industry as a foreman.

It was a family of seven that he managed to raise on his back
and upon coming of age he decides to board the ships as an engineer.

There, he managed to highlight his family's vision and soon founds the factory which we all know today!

Their success is followed by his brothers Spyridon and Eleftherios and soon they
reach the top! For several years the KS Kouppas were the largest, both
in the Greek area, as well as in the Balkans, metal furniture manufacturing company and related species



Today the company belongs to where it started, that is, to the children of Georgios
Kouppa. They are honest, stable personalities, who stand with morals,
professionalism and seriousness, always with his approval and guidance of
their father, in every kind of challenge, making their products widely
recognized and first in public preference with steady growth clientele.

Vasilis kouppas studied mechanical engineering and is in charge of our production unit located in Piraeus and
Eleni kouppas has studied social sciences and accounting, she is the head of the financial department and also deals with the social media.

Our company is human-centered! Interested in creating,
Of high standards of sleep, which make human life easy and functional. In addition, we are interested in having a pleasant time for
all the staff who staffs our team from the moment we start work to the moment we go home.

Finally, our philosophy, in addition to respect for the person, demands respect for the environment! For us, everyday life, lifestyle and product design must be understandable and combine respect for people and the environment! The planet after all, it is home to all of us and we must respect and take care of it.


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